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Xbox One in trouble? Nintendo Switch might surpass the number of Microsoft consoles sold

There is no doubt that PlayStation 4 rules among the eighth generation consoles. However, it may turn out that the second place previously occupied by Xbox One may soon be taken over by Nintendo Switch. The Microsoft console is still losing its advantage over it.

Today, on the console market of the latest generation, the distribution of seats is clear. The indisputable sales leader is PlayStation 4 . There are as many as 100 million PS4 consoles on the market today.

PlayStation 4 can therefore only compete with other consoles from Sony. Microsoft instead of fighting for the title of leader, is instead focusing on maintaining second place on the podium. Everything seems to indicate that Nintendo with its (relatively new) console wants to take it.

 Will Nintendo Switch catch up with Xbox One?

The switch was only made in 2017 (PS4 and Xbox One in 2013) and has been gaining considerable popularity from the beginning. By the end of June, 35.33 million copies of this console had already been sold. Additionally, the growth dynamics are promising.

The Service VGChartz was tempted to compare this result with data from sales of the console Xbox One. It turns out that the gap between the Microsoft product and Nintendo Switch is getting smaller. At the moment, Xbox One sold 42.82 million copies. Therefore, Microsoft’s advantage is already 7.5 million.

In the chart created by VGChartz, we also see that Xbox One consoles no longer find new buyers as soon as they used to. Meanwhile, the sale of Nintendo Switch looks very promising. Only in June the difference in favor of Switch narrowed by almost 620 thousand pieces. Within 12 months (from June) Switch made up 10.97 million copies to the second Xbox One.

Nintendo Switch sold almost 37 million consoles

What’s more, Nintendo just a few moments ago reported another increase in sales. At this moment , 36.87 million Nintendo Switch copies have been distributed since the premiere . Additionally, the console’s share should increase further. This is because the new Switch Lite model might be the driving force.

Everything indicates that Microsoft should start to be afraid of second place behind the PlayStation 4 console from Sony. If the growth dynamics of the Nintendo Switch are maintained, Xbox One may fall to last place on the podium in the first or second quarter of next year.

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