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Why are there more and more beautiful women? (the secret)

Even though they are out of 40, they still have the pure pure simplicity as before.Their good-looking temperament resembles that of a neighbor’s girl, and has a timeless appeal.

The so-called “exposure effect” in psychology is: if a person regularly appears in your eyes, just from the beginning you feel she can be in your eyes , she will become more and more beautiful.

When you are always in contact with a woman, you will find that she is becoming more and more good-looking. What is this weird about?

In fact, the appearance of a person in a short period of time will not change markedly. You feel that she has become more and more beautiful, only her image in your heart has changed. So how to change the image?

Here are the types of women that make you feel more and more beautiful and beautiful. Not only are they more beautiful due to the exposure effect, but they are also really attractive and more attractive by their unique temperament and style.

1. Women like reading

It is said that “Your face is hidden in the book you read.” In fact, it is the idea that reading can change the appearance of people because it gives people the cultivation of body and mind. But cultivating can change human temperament.

The ancients said: “The belly contains a self-exemplary atmosphere.” Reading books brings calm thoughts and changes in content. This kind of content is due to the body and mind being immersed in the good, washed away in the pure area of ​​the book.

Many girls, when they were younger, were ugly and later became more and more beautiful, the cause associated with reading habits. In fact, reading gives the reader a calm atmosphere. Of course, this is about good books, inner content, goodwill and wisdom.

2. Calm women

A woman without too much lust for all things of the world, only immersed in her inner music world, even if they are out of 40, still have pure pure purity. simple as before. Their good-looking temperament is similar to the neighbor’s girl, because of “sexual abstinence”, so they have the charm of transcending time.

Under the view of psychology, inner calm woman will calm down. This peace of mind has the effect of nourishing the body. 

We often see people who get angry easily and easily get caught by fire. The fire can of the fire, the skin is not beautiful, dry and hot. And the person with inner peace, blood gas is also peaceful, convenient circulation without stasis, thanks to that body, chestnut skin is nourished better, softer and more beautiful.

3. Women are confident

The more confident women are, the more pleasant they are, the more beautiful they are. It is because of confidence to create a good gas field. Their demeanor and charisma all add to the brilliant nuances of the five senses. The confident woman always knows her advantages and disadvantages.

Hong Kong’s most glamorous actress in the past was Chung So Hong, who liked filming the left side the most, because she knew that from this angle her face became even more pleasing.

Women who are confident are always the ones who understand how beautiful they are, they will cleverly take advantage of tools and jewelry to make them even more perfect.

4. Interesting women

Interesting women are getting more and more beautiful because they have an open temperament, depending on where they fit into the surrounding environment, giving life the perfect source of nutrients.

Interesting is a high quality way of life for women. Interesting is also the best attitude of women who treat life. Interesting is also a kind of elegant serenity, which is also the richness of the inner world.

Such a woman could not become more and more beautiful, more and more attractive?

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