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When Mr. Trump was ready to help Canada, Beijing blamed Ottawa for the turbulent relationship

Chinese authorities blame Canada for causing tensions between Beijing and Ottawa, through Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seeking US President Donald Trump to help rescue two detained Canadians, according to Global News.

“Canada has errors in the current affairs of China and Canada relations, ” Lu Xun, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, told reporters in Beijing on Friday. “Canada knows the reasons and things to do to improve this relationship.”

Mr. Lu also said that Canada had misunderstood the President Trump ‘s commitment to help , pointing out that the US president did not specifically mention the two Canadians held by China in his speech with the Prime Minister. Trudeau on Thursday.

Even so, it seems that Trump’s statements are true to imply that he will help Canada in rescuing two of its citizens being held by Beijing officials for months.

“Anything I can do to help Canada, I will do it,” Mr. Trump said in the Oval Office on Thursday while sitting with Mr. Trudeau.

When the reporter asked whether he raised the case of Canadians detained by China, President Trump replied: “I will do it at Justin’s request. I will absolutely raise this issue. ”

Subsequently, Prime Minister Trudeau refused to say whether he publicly asked President Trump to help rescue two Canadians. The Prime Minister said he and President Trump had long conversations about China and discussed “potential paths ahead”.

Trudeau also said that two Canadians detained in China are top priorities.

Tensions between Beijing and Ottawa have been rising since last December when Canada arrested the Huawei Group finance director , Ms. Manh Van Chau, at Vancouver, Canada airport on request from the Trump administration.

China retaliated by detaining a number of Canadians, including Kovrig and Spavor, besides speeding up a trial against another Canadian facing the death penalty for drug trafficking.

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