What do achievers do in order to succeed in life? [Based on true Facts]



In summary, here’s what achievers do in order to succeed in life:-

1) Achievers avoid Bragging

2) Achievers rarely complain

3) Achievers avoid lying

4) Achievers rarely argue

5)Achievers don’t blame others

6) Achievers are not judgemental

1) Achievers avoid Bragging

Well well, this is a big one. I must admit that i was a victim of this one too. Honestly, that rush of dopamine really feels way awesome after hitting a certain milestone in life. Maybe it is passing your exams with really flying colors. Or buying that dream laptop computer that you always wanted. I learnt the hard way that bragging is also unattractive. You end up looking like an arrogant prick.

Bragging also limits you of any new opportunities. For instance, when you are busy bragging that you have money. Maybe someone wanted to invest in your business, they will probably end up not investing, because of your carefree attitude that shows that you have it all. We all know that money doesn’t last forever. One day, it will become depleted and that it when the true reality sets in.

Furthermore, bragging makes people uncomfortable around you. We do not all come from the same realities. Some people are luckier than others, wealthier than others, good looking others. The list is long. So, when you brag about wealth, your friend might be coming from a humble background. All that this leads to is jealousy. You can’t blame them. Humans are of a fallen nature and are mean creatures. Sorry, i hope feelings don’t get hurt here. This is based on facts. you can read this post that relates to what am talking about, here.

Take a look on today’s billionaires. Unlike celebrities, they always keep low profiles. This is no coincidence. Actually, they do this intentionally. The rich/wealthy people are usually humble, mainly because they know the roots: where they came from and also because they know that their wealth can be taken away. Christians can relate to the story of job in the bible. You can read it here.

With that said, if you are going to remember only one thing in this section, let it be that you stay humble. Always. Mother nature will lift you up.


2) Achievers rarely complain


Nowadays people complain so much that it’s nearly impossible to go a one mile radius without hearing someone complaining. “My husband is an idiot, why is life so difficult, The weather is too hot today, this tea doesn’t have sugar etcetera,” goes the ranting and chanting. If you do not like your current reality, just change it! For heaven’s sake. Otherwise, no one will help you. People are busy carrying their own crosses to notice yours. Instead of complaining, take that time to find a solution to your problem.

For instance, if the tea doesn’t have sugar, go to the shop and buy the sugar. If you are broke/don’t have money, get a fuckn job. It’s that simple. Complaining will never change a thing. You will end up circling in the same spot, living a dull life. And that is when life tends to seem very unfair. You don’t want to live a life that sucks everyday, do you?


3) Achievers avoid lying


Here, it depends with the content. The context that am referring to, is lying to themselves. Living in an illusion for that matter. Achievers face reality head on. That is what makes them so successful in life.


4) Achievers rarely argue


Don’t get me wrong. Achievers continiously argue about every decision they make, amongst themselves. The internal monologue or whatever. Pun intended. Hovewers, the successful in life rarely argue with others. This is because they know that their opinions are not always the best and other people’s opinions matter too!

If you don’t believe a word am saying right now, conduct your own research. Maybe at your local school or church. Or even in your class. There are often people you admire. They seem to have everything figured out. They top in class or are active. Let me predict your final results. I will probably be about ninety percent accurate. The reason is simple; humans are pretty predictable, all over the world, regardless of race or gender.


5) Achievers do not blame others


Picture this. You and your girlfriend/boyfriend/sibling/brother/sister are going for some shopping at a supermarket. Let me take the other person to be your brother. Your brother sees something he likes and quickly snatches it from the shelf. You probably did not even see him doing it. Sadly, your brother has no idea that CCTV cameras exist. He feels very proud of himself as he tucks in the souvenir inside his pants that might otherwise couldn’t afford.

As you are standing by the cashier waiting to be served, a security guard approaches you. You remain calm but your brother is nerveous as hell. You wonder what is wrong with him but you keep quiet about it. After you are both thoroughly frisked, your brother is caught with the stolen item. You quickly take the fall for him and he is set free. You remain behind and you are made to kneel in the middle of the supermarket for the rest of the day. If you fail to do so, you may as well face some jail-time. The day passes and the supermarket management let you go and give you the souvenir for free.

What do we learn from this story? First, you don’t abandon others when they are in trouble. I know you probably think am insane right now. No am not. Or maybe i am. You decide. All i know is that i would not abandon someone in trouble. The exception is that if someone has made it a habit to break the law, knowing that you will save their ass, then it is not even worth it in the first place.

Do not blame them though. Help them change for the better. Real human beings look out for each other. That was nature’s original intention. That we co-exist harmoniously.

Even in the workplace, before blaming someone that they are always lazy and barely provide any value for their organization, think twice. They might be facing their own ‘demons’. Help them out instead. Mother nature will acknowledge that and reward you well in return.


6) Achievers are not judgemental


This point is similar to the fifth one above. I can only summarise it. Before you judge a book by it’s cover, take the time to perruse the pages first.


Do you agree or disagree with this article?

Drop a comment/opinion in the comments section and we will do our best to respond. Thanks.

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