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Venezuela deported 59 Colombian “terrorists” imprisoned since 2016

On Saturday (29th june 2019), the 59 Colombian citizens detained in Venezuela in August 2016 were transferred to the border and deported. They were accused of a supposed “terrorist” plan to destabilize the government of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.

Then Maduro reported the dismantling of a subversive plan in which at least 90 Colombian “paramilitaries” infiltrated to commit crimes against the government. At first, 80 people were arrested who were apparently informal, undocumented workers, detained to justify the story of Maduro, according to the Colombian newspaper El Tiempo.

Caracas began the process for deportation with his transfer to Táchira , but finally they were confined in a police station in La Yaguara where they stayed until Saturday.

According to ‘El Tiempo’, no evidence has been presented of the relationship of the detainees with the reported plot and more than a year ago a court ordered their release. However, a government counter-order has kept them locked up in what the Colombian newspaper says is “the longest mass arbitrary detention in Venezuela’s recent history.”

Some of them managed to flee , others became ill and were released for treatment, but the rest remained detained in the corridors of the police station, in rooms improvised with cloth and in terrible conditions, according to ‘El Tiempo’.

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