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In most societies if not all, there are those that are considered to have made it in life and are the spotlight for the others to follow in line as advised by parents and those who care about the wellbeing of your future. Often, a comparison is made to distinguish the “high-end” individuals from the “low-end “individuals to instil some sense into the and capable youngsters. If this is not expressed verbally then it is expected to become in the interest of the young people to observe, analyse and make the differences. And with that in mind they are expected to come up with solid conclusions which of course should rhyme with what the society expects.

We as young people have the desire if not obsession of becoming rich and wealthy. Who wouldn’t all the fun that comes with riches. The crucial part that slips our minds is the fact that all the wealth acquired by an individual has a great deal of effort happening in the background. It is these individuals that we aspire to be and of course have possession of what they have some day.

With the increased attention of gambling and betting sites within our country, young people become so indulged in the activity. The terms, for instance, betting could be addictive are often disregarded. Eventually it becomes a habit that is unstoppable. Those that are lucky sure have the pleasure to enjoy some huge amounts of money but who knows how the story ends. It isn’t uncommon to hear that someone has committed suicide just because he/she was a step away from making their dreams come true.

Investing our minds in more important things is our major concern. The mentioning of important things should click somethings in our minds oriented in the positivity of life. Things that are life changing, moral building, self-building and in the long run elevation of the societies we come from. Such factors are ones that distinguish a developed country and a developing country

Future oriented brains in young people should be the beginning of the making of a diverse society. Acknowledging the fact that for results to be noticed, and in this case good results, effort must be made, and all forms of laziness and procrastination cancelled in our mindsets. Those with a clear mind should interact and motivate those that are not yet there.


A survey of oneself should come in handy right about now.

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