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Trump and Kim Jong-un star another historic encounter on the border between the two Koreas

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un star on this Sunday another historic encounter. The leaders of the United States and North Korea are facing each other in the demilitarized zone that unites the two Koreas. This is the third meeting between the two leaders, who resume talks after the failure of the summit last February in Vietnam.

The fact supposes that Trump becomes the first president of the United States that treads territory of North Korea , a fact that has been mentioned this Sunday by the leader of the Asian country.

“President Trump has just crossed the line of demarcation, he has become the first president of the United States to visit our country, and I see this act as an expression of eliminating an unfortunate past and opening a new future,” Kim said. side by side with the American president, before the media.

“I’m going to invite you right now to the White House,” the US president has replied.

Trump has arrived accompanied by the president of South Korea, Moon Jae In,and together they have visited a checkpoint located in the northernmost part of the South Korean side of the zone that separates the two Koreas, as reported by the official South Korean news agency Yonhap. .

The meeting will be the third meeting that leaders of both countries will hold after those held in June 2018 in Singapore and in February this year in the capital of Vietnam.

The latter was marked by the surprising suspension of the talks when they were in full development, presumably because North Korea rejected categorically the proposal made by the United States to completely cancel its ballistic and nuclear program in exchange for economic aid.

Therefore, and in the previous press conference held in Seoul, the US president has been reluctant to describe the meeting as a summit. “We are going to see what happens today before we begin to think in those terms, it is a step, itcould be important, it could not be,” he explained.

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