Top 5 lessons that I learnt from Prison Break – [ The Ultimate Guide]


For those who do not know about Prison Break, it is a very popular Television series among teenagers. For those of you who like movies/series about Criminal activities, I highly recommend that you watch this one. Each season averages about 22 episodes, and each episode goes for about 45 minutes. The theme is about Prison… as indicated by the Title. Alright. Let’s get straight to the point. Michael Scofield is the master mind behind the whole series. Some people are just lucky to have been born with a Super high Intelligence Quotient(IQ). Here’s what I “copied” from Michael :-


1) Always Put Your Family First


Michael Scofield had a dark past. Mum dead. He was abandoned by his father at a very young age. Talk about life being unfair! So, all he had left was his Brother, Mr.Burrows. So when his brother was imprisoned for a crime that he did not commit, he did all he could to get him out of Prison. Including breaking the Law and becoming the most wanted Suspects in the United States of America.

Disclaimer: Do not go Breaking the law because you read an article online that Psyched you up!

Reality is so different from what we see in Movies. It is good to become a hero once a while, maybe to impress your girlfriend, but Please, use common sense. I would recommend though, if you feel that something has reached way above what you can swallow, take some action. It depends with how badly you want things done. Just remember to Use common sense. No hard feelings. 🙂


2) Put your knowledge into good use, always


Lol. Am going to stress on this one. It is amazing as to how many ideas that we usually have, and rarely do we put them into action. Becoming the next big thing. For instance, creating the next windows OS or Microsoft Company. I am not shunning your ideas. I would just recommend that you polish on your skillset into something that you will one day be proud of. Michael Scofield was a Structural Engineer who polished on his skillset. Ironically, he used his skills to break out his brother and other friends from Prison.

Take that path only at your own risk! Rotting in Jail isn’t exactly a good thing. Mike had a plan though. He had a bluePrint of Fox-river Prison drawn all over his body, in form of tattoos. To an average person, he looked like a crazy Douchebag. However, to him, that was a road map. To get his beloved bro out of Prison.

As risky as that was, he got his brother out of Prison!


3) Always Plan way ahead, for Your Future


This is an awesome point. It is amazing as to how many people do not plan for their future. Girls are the main victims here. Before you start criticizing me, maybe am wrong. In my experience though, many girls have no idea about where their future is heading. They think that they will just get married to some rich dude and then live happily ever after.

Slayqueens are notorious for this. Yeah. Please do not smash your screen yet. I love writing about the cold, harsh truth/ reality. Dear slayqueen, If you are reading this, am sorry. I didn’t mean to blow your cover.

In case some of you are wondering…

Who is a slayqueen?

A slayqueen is a female creature* (human species), that loves attracting men. The creature dresses up really well and entices men accordingly.

*Female creature refers to a woman. (Just for clarity)

Special note: However, recently, some Kenyan men have started acting like slayqueens! So, sooner or later, that word may be used to refer to a unisex. #funFact


My apologies. I did not mean to be gender biased. As i was saying, we all need to plan for our future. Have a five year plan about what changes you want to see in your Future life. Maybe it is to land your dream job. Perhaps you have been tired of tarmacking all the time.

Let us relate to Prison Break Series. Michael Planned for life after the Prison escape. He had some clothes literally buried beneath some creepy cemetry. Mike knew that they wouldn’t make it to very far if they still had their prison Outfits.

He also had some cash hidden some place safe, so that they would be able to lay low for a while. That way, they were able to last outside Prison for a longer while. Plus getting off the radar of the Federal bureau of Investigation. [FBI].

Am pretty sure that you have heard about the FBI. And how they take down Criminals easily. The FEDS have lots of resources, yet somehow, Michael was able to evade them for as long as he could! Michael Scofield, if you are reading this, Bravo! I am your secret admirer and am so proud of your brave deeds.


4) Pounce on new Opportunities, ASAP*.


*For Your Information, ASAP means As Soon As Possible.

Alright, let’s get straight to the point. In this article, am going to mainly focus on Michael Scofield, from the Prison Break Series, because he is the Mastermind and major character behind it all. Plus i admire him a lot.

Michael saw an opportunity while in prison, to befriend a doctor, by the name Serah. Not for coitus of course, but because she was aligned with his main objective: To escape from the Fox river Prison.

Doctor Serah’s office was based near the prison wall. About five feet away from the wall. That was their only point of escape. Picture this, a Maximum Security Prison. Such a prison is designed to contain the most dangerous Criminals. Security is definitely the top priority by the construction team. Any attempt to escape by a prisoner would definitely be met with lethal action. Fill in the blanks. Or let me help. Such a prisoner would definitely be gunned down by the Prison Guards. It’s reality. It is the law in majority of the Countries on Planet earth.

Michael, aka Mike, is one hell of a brilliant chap. He pretended to be a diabetic, yet he wasn’t. He used his connections in Prison to get some pills, so as to look like a dibetic. That way, he could visit Dr.Serah more often. He also an opportunity to a potential girlfriend. After he blew serah the first kiss, a relationship slowly started to form.


5)Have connections with Other people


I mentioned somewhere in the fourth point about connections. You can also call it networking if you like. There’s a quote that goes, “No man is an island.” That is 99.9999 percent fact. You cannot survive on your own. Unless your have lived in the jungle for your entire life. In that case, you would be more of a solitary animal than human, with little to no human traits.

In the context of Prison Break, michael’s connections in prison were the main factor to his success in his mission. Note: It is not just connections with anyone. Have connections with people that you have similar/the same objective.

The guys that mike had connections with were literally craving to get out of prison. Most of them were facing some long jail-time, for some serious felonies that they had committed. So, they were some very motivated individuals.

I know what you are thinking. What does prison have to do with any of this? Are you asking me to commit a crime? Hell no! No one is asking you to commit any crime.

I just want you to relate with real life. Let us say you want to grow your business. Look for highly movitated individuals, that you share similar goals with. That way, you are more likely to succeed in your business niche, instead of giving up.

We all know that starting a business can be really difficult, especially in the intial stages. Getting some highly motivated individuals can be a mundane task, but with time, things tend to fall in place. Mother Universe is quite caring and she doesn’t leave us on our own.


What is your Opinion about all this? Please let us know in the Comments. Thank you.

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