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Top 5 lessons everyone should learn from Life. [Updated Today]



In today’s post, we are going to cover how not to settle. It’s not enough that we read.

1) Always put action into what you read


Do not be a donkey. A donkey is standing between a bucket of hay and a bucket of water. Mr.Donkey cannot decide what to go for and so ends up being overwhelmed. He keeps on looking left and right: Hay or water. Eventually, Mr.Donkey ends up dying of thirst and starvation. What Mr.Donkey didn’t realize is that he could make up his mind and go for the water first.

Afterwards, he would have plenty of time to go back to the hay and have a good feast. Now let us relate to real life. Some of us have a hard time deciding whether we should go to college or not. We don’t realize that we have time to do both! Learn from that story of the donkey and set your priorities right. Do not go quiting your day job so that you can fully focus on enterprenuership or travel or whatever.

Sometimes actions people take are simply suicidal ones. It is good to risk in life every once in a while, but learn to use common sense. if you don’t have any other source of income, then quiting your day job wouldn’t be the best decision. Thinking that your side-hustle will support you. We have seen People do that before and then fail tremendously. They then live a life full of regrets because no one gave them any real advice. Bottomline, try and see if you can do both. The context here is a job and a side-hustle. Once you get a steady cashflow, then maybe, just maybe, you can take that leap.


2) Always begin with the end in mind.


We will not live forever. Imagine what people would say in your funeral? What legacy would you live behind? What do you want people to say about you in your funeral? How do you want life to remember you? Just take a moment and think about those questions. start acting like that, TODAY. If you start acting, chance are very high that you will get there.


3) Focus on what you are doing right now


It is the little things that most ppl take 4 granted today that really count. For instance, reading this useful post. Some tips here will actually change your life, for the better. Unlike binge-watching series all day and living a fantasy life.Instead, try reading sth new everyday. Make life better, everyday. if it’s in a relationship, try and be in the present and pay attention to your partner.


4) Figure out your epiphany


people dont give a damn about what you care about what you know unless they know what you care. Know your story/epiphany. Figure out your story and share it with the world.


5) invest for your future

If you want to wealthy, you can’t be an employee! instead, focus on being a business owner. Don’t aim to be the next ‘Bill gates.’ You can invest in Bill Gates instead. If you are an employee, put a wealth tax on yourself. Most people complain that they don’t make much for a living. What they don’t realize is that, wealth requires time and sacrifice. Get assets that put money into your pocket.


what topic(s) would you like us to cover next? Please let us know in the Comment section. Thank you.

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