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Tinder reaches 1 million weekly users. The CEO said that he is not afraid of FB to compete.

Tinder claims on its website that the service has more than 2 billion page views per day in more than 190 countries. It also claims to reach 1 million users a week.

According to foreign media reports, the CEO of tender dating service provider Tinder said on Thursday that Tinder, as an influential brand among young people, can help it resist competition from Facebook.

According to reports, Tinder CEO Elie Seidman said in an interview with a US media that about 10 years ago, when various social networks competed for users, there was a view that a certain number of friends the community will win, when Facebook was considered the most popular. ”

He said: “We have seen this in the past seven to eight years. This is not the case. I firmly believe that you should focus on what you are good at. Look closely at social network competitors, it will let you enter their thinking, you hope Your own service has a unique idea.”

Sandman added that Tinder is doing “very good” among younger users, which is the company’s strengths. “I like our positioning and we will be very focused on the areas we are good at.”

On the adversary side, Facebook, which has 2.38 billion active users worldwide, has launched dating products in several countries since last year. It is unclear how many times the current user size and how many users can be reached each week.

In order to increase market share, Tinder announced on Wednesday that it plans to launch lightweight software in emerging markets. The concept of lightweight software is used by technology companies to serve users who do not have advanced high-end smartphones, or who live in areas with slower Internet connections. Primarily in emerging markets.

For example, Facebook has a lightweight version of the software called Facebook Lite that has lower storage requirements for mobile phones and can run at slower mobile speeds. Most of the features of Facebook social networking sites are available in this version of the software.

The lightweight version called “Tinder Lite” is set up as a separate piece of software that does not require the user to re-register for a new account.

Like many social networking platforms, users may experience cyber bullying or harassment on Tinder. When asked how the company responded to this situation, Sandman said the company is making every effort to make the software provide a safe dating environment. This includes using software algorithms and relying on manual administrators to eliminate any unacceptable user behavior.

“We have done everything we can to keep you safe,” Sandman said. “Of course, we also warned users that this is not an alternative virtual world. It is a real world. Just like you take caution in the real world, you should do so in any online community.

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