The US is monitoring Chinese militia in the South China Sea


US Coast Guard is monitoring the infiltration of Chinese militia in the South China Sea , an official said on Tuesday, Filipino newspaper Rappler reported.

“We have been monitoring militias and some activities,” Deputy Commander of the US Pacific Coast Guard Linda Fagan told reporters in a phone interview from Alameda headquarters. California.

The move comes after Chinese militia ships appeared with increasing frequency off the islands of the Philippines, a longtime ally of the United States.

Filipino fishermen reported their harassment during Chinese encounters. Just on Monday, the Philippine Coast Guard discovered a Chinese warship and paramilitary ship at Scarborough Shoal.

Ms Fagan stressed that the US Coast Guard has two characteristics: it works with the US Armed Forces. At the same time, it also enforces US and international law.

Ms. Fagan said that they can help struggling countries by sending “a small group” of experts to train local coast patrols.

She said the goal of the training was “to protect against the intrusion of fishermen” and “strengthen the capacity, authority and ability to create and defend their own sovereignty.”

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