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The unstoppable rise of the Greens in Germany sinks to the party of Angela Merkel in the polls

The Christian Democratic Union (CDU) of the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has reached a new minimum of popularity following the downward trajectory of recent months, despite renewal efforts, and against the rise of the Los Verdes party, new first political force according to a survey published this Saturday.

The poll raises doubts among the population about the possibility that the current government coalition between Angela Merkel , her brother Bavarian party, the Christian Social Union and the Social Democrats may last until 2021, the year in which the chancellor has promised to abandon power .

Thus, the CDU registered 24 percent support in the Forsa poll , two percentage points less than two weeks ago, by 12 percent of the Social Democrats, tied with the far-right Alternative for Germany.

The Greens have extended their advantage over Merkel’s party to 27 percent, thanks to the momentum gained with their extraordinary second place in the European elections

“The Greens are benefiting from the mobilization of votes, from the social-democratic self-destruction and from the failed efforts of the conservatives to block their environmental policies”, explained the director of Forsa, Manfred Guellner.

Not even Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, Merkel’s appointed successor, has managed to revive confidence in the party. In fact, only 19 percent of respondents would support it in a direct vote in elections to the chancellery.

A ‘green’ chancellor

Forty-six percent of Germans are in favor of the green party Los Verdes topresent a candidate for the post of chancellor in the next general election, according to a YouGov poll published on Friday. Thirty-five percent of the interviewees are against an environmentalist candidate, while 19 percent did not give their opinion, according to the survey commissioned by the DPA agency.

Among the voters of the German environmentalist party, 86 percent voted in favor of appointing a candidate to head the government.

On the contrary, less than a third of the respondents (30 percent) consider that it would be appropriate for the German Social Democratic Party (SPD) to present a candidate, while 47 percent think that the Social Democrats should do without it.

Only among the voters of the SPD, who are in favor (48 percent) outnumber those who oppose (33 percent) to attend the elections with their own candidate.

The party the Greens obtained in Germany the 20.5 percent of the votes in the recent European elections, which supposes its better result until the moment in an election in the national scope.

In the first polls on the intention to vote for the German parliamentary elections, the Greens in part overcome the conservatives of the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, as the first political force.

The leader of the Greens Robert Habeck obtains the best results regarding the position of chancellor in direct comparison with potential candidates of the conservatives and social democrats. 25% of the interviewees consider that it is apt to become the successor of Angela Merkel at the head of the German Government.

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