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The latest Windows 10 update is causing problems. Computers turn themselves OFF

Windows 10 users report further problems in the system. Some computers automatically restart after the last update. The devices turn off without warning, which can cause major problems.

This week, Microsoft has released another cumulative update for computers with Windows 10. The update has introduced many changes, including system errors and security updates.

Unfortunately, it turns out that the package was burdened with some problems. Some users using Reddit and Microsoft forums report random restarts of Windows 10 computers. Simply the device screen goes blank without warning, and the operating system loads again.

The condition is dangerous because it is impossible to predict when the computer will turn off. If you don’t save changes to your applications, you may lose those changes forever. Users add that problems began immediately after installing the cumulative update.

The screen turns black, the computer turns off, and then restarts by going straight to the desktop. As if we would like to restart it ourselves, except that it does not wait for the applications to turn off. You do not need to enter the login, (the computer) also does not enter the BIOS. The problem is 100% caused by the latest Windows patch.

– explains one of Reddit’s users.

What the hell is happening at Microsoft? I’m starting to seriously think about abandoning a Windows computer and buying a Mac! (…) Come on Microsoft, deal with your own problems. This is no longer funny!

– another user complains at the Microsoft forum .

For now, it’s hard to estimate how many users have encountered the above problem. Microsoft has not addressed the case yet. It is possible, however, that it will do it in the coming days. It is worth remembering that these are not the first problems arising after the system upgrade. Some turned out to be so serious that upgrades had to be completely withdrawn from the market.

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