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“The father of Computing”. Turing’s picture will be printed on a new 50-pound banknote

father of computing

Comprehensive British media reported on July 15 that computer pioneer and password deciphering expert Alan Turing will appear in the new pattern of the Bank of England 50 pounds.

Turing’s cryptanalysis in World War II proved to be crucial for the allied operations.

This 50-pound note will be the last banknote of the Bank of England to move from banknotes to polymer materials. The note will begin to circulate by the end of year 2021.

The £50 banknote was once described as “the currency of a corrupt elite” and is rarely used in everyday transactions. However, according to the Bank of England’s banknote circulation data, there are still 344 million 50-dollar bills circulating, totaling £17.2 billion.

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney said: “Alan Turing is an outstanding mathematician whose work has had a tremendous impact on our way of life today.” Turing is known as the “father of computers” , the “father of artificial intelligence”. He is also known as the hero of World War II. His contribution is far-reaching and groundbreaking. But in 1952, Turing was arrested for being afflicted with a 19-year-old Manchester man who was eventually convicted of “serious defamation” and subsequently castrated. The World Bank says that Turing’s achievements still have an impact on science and society.

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