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Tanzania suspended China’s ‘exploitation and hardship’ project

The incumbent president of Tanzania, John Magufuli, recently made blunt remarks about the Bagamoyo port project that his predecessor signed with the Chinese government in the framework of the Belt Project – The Way, according to consumers.

“They offer harsh conditions that only crazy people can accept,” NTD quotes President Magufuli about the terms Beijing offers.

He said that the financial conditions proposed by the Chinese side for the project were “exploitative and difficult for others”. For this reason, Tanzania has ended a $ 10 billion port construction project with China .

The “aground” port construction project is the biggest hit on Beijing’s Road Belt plan in their ambitions in Africa.

In March 2013, Chinese President Xi Jinping signed a cooperation memorandum on the comprehensive development project of Bagamoyo port when he visited Tanzania with then-President Jakaya Kikwete. In 2015, the project held a groundbreaking ceremony in Tanzania.

On October 29 the same year, when Mr. John Magufuli was elected as the new President of Tanzania, he said that the previous Tanzanian government promised China a 33-year mortgage and a 99-year lease for the project. port in Bagamoyo.

The new president said Beijing’s condition was that after the Bagamoyo port was put into operation, the Tanzanian government did not have the right to build other ports from Tanga to Mtwara in the south, and the country could not afford anyone to take the first invest in it. 

“They want us for them, they want to use this land as their own, but we have to reimburse (cost) exploration drilling to build their port,” John has publicly accused China. on June 14 about the harsh conditions given when building Bagamoyo port.

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