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Hi Guys. I found this interesting except from one of the dailies. So i decided to share with you guys. Hope you get something out of it. It is an interview with Gilbert Maina, the director of CarMax. The Journalist wonders why Kenyans buy cars based on registration plates, why majority of vehicles in Kenya are white and whether the mercedes is still a status symbol. The interview goes as follows::

Which are the best car brands to buy in Kenya?

In my Opinion, the best Car brands are:
1) Mazda
2) Porsche
3) Mistubishi
4) Nissans
5) Ford
But most Kenyans prefer love the Toyota brand/Vehicles.

Are women the major car buyers in Kenya instead of men?

Sadly, yes. Kenyan women are actually more financially stable than men. It’s quite a shame, yet it has always been a man’s legacy to lead. The women’s ages are between 25 to 40 years. Their tastes in Vehicles include:
1) The RAV 4
2) BMW
3) VW
4) Mercedes Benz
Their male counterparts normally buy vehicles such as Prados, Land Rovers, Range Rovers, Subarus and BMWs!

Why are cars in Kenya being Auctioned daily?

Well, there is no money and businesses are slowly dying off.People do not have money to buy cars, it is difficult to get money and the default rates are sky high.

Why are so many cars with South Sudanese number plates in Kenya?

Due to the political instability in south sudan, many south sudanese citizens choose to seek refuge in Kenya. Of course they are allowed to carry their property along, including their vehicles. Moreover, there are also Kenyans who work in South Sudan(SSD) and buy cars there too. However, some vehicles are put into the Kenyan market illegally.

Majority of Kenyan cars are White in color, Why?

Good question. Kenya currently does not manufacture cars. So most vehicles are imported. Countries like japan where the vehicles are imported from have extreme weather conditions. Basically, the white color reduces absorption of heat compared to the black color. Additionally, white symbolizes purity and truthfulness.

Is Mercedes Benz still a status symbol in Kenya?

O yes. Mercedes Benz is still a status symbol in +254(Kenya). It just that Kenyans are more into other car brands, such as the Porsche ,Jeep ,Toyota and the Range Rover.

Engine and Mileage are more important, yet Kenyans go for vehicles based on number plates. Why is that?

Hmm. The vehicle industry is really interesting. A typical Kenyan will go for a car with a new number plate so as to raise his ego! Even the second hand vehicles in Kenya are now treated as new because of having the latest number plate. Driving a new KCV makes you look incredibly classy and wealthy. Ironically, Kenyan number plates are actually ugly. Kenyans should apply logic and buy a car based on performance, not the number plates! The better the Performance, the longer the car gives you service…

Give the Pros and Cons of Self-importing a car


The car can be bought at an auction or you can go to an international dealer to bid it for you.


You are more likely to be ripped off by a con artist or get extra duty charges if you do prior research well.

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