Putin assures that an attack of the USA against Iran would be a “catastrophe”

The tension between Iran and the United States is increasing. After the attack on two oil tankers, the Trump Administration considers the Iranian theocracy responsible, on Thursday the Iranian Army has shot down a US spy drone in the Strait of Hormuz. Today, faced with the escalation of tension, Russian President Vladimir Putin has entered the scene claiming that a US attack on Iran would be a “catastrophe”.

In a false sign of the opening of his ironclad regime, Putin has answered on Thursday to the questions thrown by telephone by the Russian citizens. Some had to do with the possibility of a US attack on Iran. Putin has ensured that Trump “does not rule out using force” in the face of potential threats from the ayatollah’s theocracy.

In this regard, the Russian president has warned that a possible US military intervention on Iranian soil “would be a catastrophe, at least for the region because it would lead to an escalation of violence and perhaps an increase in refugees,” According to the official Sputnik news agency.

Putin did not want to miss the opportunity to make a nod to the Iranians, assuring that Iran has “fully” fulfilled the commitments of the nuclear agreement signed in 2015, an agreement that Trump left more than a year ago. In this sense, Putin does not consider it fair to impose new sanctions on Iran for breaking agreements to stop its arms race.

American drone knocked down

Official sources of the Guardians of the Revolution claim to have shot down a US spy drone in the Strait of Hormuz on Thursday. The incident has occurred, according to the Iranian Fars agency, after the device violated Iranian airspace in the province of Hormozgan.

For its part, sources from the US Navy have confirmed that the drone – model MQ-4C Triton – has been shot down by a surface-to-air missile, although in its version they claim that the unmanned aircraft was in international airspace.

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