Kenya Land and its People

Population of the Kenyan Land


The 2009 census released on August 31, 2010 put Kenya’s population at 38.6 million – 19.41 million women and 19.19 million men. The count of the population was done on the night of August 24 and 25 in 2009.

The people were counted according to where they spent the referrence night. The method used for data collection was through a questionnaire administered by pre-trained personnel.

The government spent sh 8.4 billion($105 million) on the census and funded 95 percent of the cost, with only 5 percent coming from development partners. Of the money spent on the census, sh 5 billion($62.5 million) was paid to the 239,807 census personnel. Field personnel were 5,788 senior supervisors, 22,323 supervisors, 111,697 enumerators and 100,000 village elders. Twelve million questionnaires were used.

In matters religion, (as of 2010) Kenya has 9.01 million Catholics, 18.3 million Protestants, 4.5 million other Christians, 4.3 million muslims, 53, 393 Hindus and 635,352 traditionalists.

People who profess other religions are 557,450, those who profess none are 922,128 and 61,000 responded that they didn’t know.

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