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One of Windows 10 versions will lose support. Microsoft will force you to update

The first users get reminders about updating Windows 10 to the latest version. One of the windows OS versions will soon cease to be supported by Microsoft. The company will force the installation of the update if the user does not do it.

Microsoft is constantly expanding its operating system, releasing a major update every few months containing a set of new patches. However, over time, the company must give up support for older versions of windows.

The tap with updates was once cut off to Windows XP. Afterwards, the same two disliked systems of the American giant – Windows 8 and Vista. In exactly half a year Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7. But in parallel with the support for individual systems, Microsoft cuts off security updates for individual version of Windows 10.

End of support for Windows 10 1803 in a few months

For individual versions of “Tenths”, Microsoft offers support for 18 months. Another one, which will soon lose support, will be Windows 10 1803. The system debuted in March 2018. It will be “forgotten” by the company in 4 months – November 12, 2019.

In order to be able to safely use it, you have to “change” to the next version. Apparently, updates are free. However, many users do not want to do them. Microsoft decided to remedy this and from today it will remind sluggish users about the need to upgrade to the current version of May 2019 (1903).

The company declares that the system will start to ask for an update at the right time. This ensures that the installation of the new version goes smoothly. Then for 35 days Windows 10 will still remind you about the upgrade. If that does not help, Microsoft will use more effective methods. The system will update itself when you restart the computer.

So it looks like even the most ardent opponents of installing new versions of “Tenths” will not get a choice and update their computers. The obligatory upgrade will not be able to be turned off either in Windows 10 Home or in the extended version of Pro

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