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Nvidia GeForce Now will go on Android. Cloud games will have ray tracing support

Nvidia announces that the GeForce Now service will go not only to SHIELD TV, computers and consoles, but also to Android smartphones. What’s more, the company began to make GeForce Now support ray tracing technology in games.

The ongoing Gamescom 2019 fair in Cologne is a real feast for fans of virtual entertainment. Further news from the gaming industry is announced not only by their creators, but also by producers of consoles and streaming game services. Just a few hours ago we informed you what games will go to Google Stadia. However, Nvidia also comes with a dose of novelty.

GeForce Now also on Android smartphones

Perhaps not everyone is aware that this company – like Google – is working on its own version of the “console in the cloud”. GeForce Now is the name of this platform which is currently in beta. However, it already allows testers to play on older MacBooks, Windows computers with minimal hardware requirements and of course SHIELD TV consoles.

Now, during Gamescom 2019, Nvidia announced that Android smartphones will join the group of supported devices. The company boasts that now there are one billion computers in the hands of users that cannot handle AAA games, which GeForce Now can “save”.

To this billion will soon be joined by an even larger group of “two billion screens that you can play on”, i.e. Android smartphones. Specific dates and lists of supported devices have not yet been provided. Nvidia only points out that GeForce Now will work, among others on flagship smartphones from Samsung and LG. Nothing is known about the phones of other manufacturers.

Playing in the cloud with ray tracing

This is not the end of the revelations that will please testers (and future users) of GeForce Now. Nvidia also announced that from today it will gradually replace graphics cards in its servers supporting games streamed to GeForce Now users.

GeForce RTX systems supporting ray tracing are to reach servers. Ray tracing is a technology based on analyzing light rays that directly reach the user. Thanks to this, virtual images are even more realistic than when using older techniques. However, the game requires much more computing power.

The introduction of ray tracing to games in GeForce Now is certainly a big plus. This should not be a surprise though. The president of Nvidia recently admitted that buying a graphics card without ray tracing is in his opinion “crazy”.

Nvidia will start exchanging graphics cards for starters in Northern California and Germany . However, the company promises that over time ray tracing will also reach players using servers located in other parts of North America and Europe.

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