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Neuralink. Elon Musk has announced an interface that will directly link your brain with a smartphone

On July 17, Elon Musk presented the concept of a neural interface at the California Academy of Sciences. Neuralink, belonging to Musk, will start researching neuron reading technology next year. This may soon revolutionize the way we use smartphones.

The company has big plans. It wants to combine the development of the neural interface with artificial intelligence. One of the first applications imagined by Elon Musk is the mental control of our smartphone(s).

Already, small processors are being developed that will connect to the brain via tiny “threads”. The threads are much thinner than human hair (four to six micrometers wide). Such sensors will fit on the surface of the skull. The sensors will then transmit the information to a portable computer (pc) that can be located behind the outer ear.

Afterwards, as Musk sees it, all you need in order to take control is the right application. For example, controlling your smartphone without using your hands or even voice commands.

Brain-machine interface

The interface “reads” information sent by neurons in the brain . With a bit of imagination, it’s not difficult to remember the movie “Transcendence”, in which the scientist played by John Depp “read” the computer. Through ideas like this Neuralink, the boundary between man and machine begins to blur in reality, not just on the cinema screen.

As explained by the president of Neuralink Max Hodak, with a little training you will be able to control the cursor and keyboard of the phone. He emphasized the advantages of such a solution for people with physical disabilities .

Announcements, for now

It is not clear how long we will have to wait for this digital telekinesis to become a reality. Neuralink admitted that in this matter he was still far from allowing commercial service. However, if the works announced for the next year bring results, they will radically change in the near future the way in which people interact with gadgets and artificial intelligence.

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