Men are trash, Kenyan Women say

Kenyan Women think Men are Trash! Wait. Whaat??! Yeah, that’s right. My crew and I recently did a survey in my local University collecting women’s opinions on this. Many women actually prefer having female friends instead of the traditional ‘boyfriend’.

Today’s society is changing. Over the past years, there has been a huge rise in betting addiction in Kenya alone. I don’t know about the other countries yet. This in turn has led to men being addicted to their screens. Paying little to no attention to their female counterparts, aka their Girlfriends. We all know how women are emotional creatures. There’s this trendy word normally known as ‘Umama’. You’ve probably heard of it. We men rarely pay attention to details. If you are a man reading this, i wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t brush your teeth today. Sometimes it is not our fault.

Maybe you were at a party last night. On waking up, you’re all in a hangover mood. Brushing your teeth will definitely slip away. For women with a high self-esteem, self image is a top-priority. She will pay attention to everything: Including the colour of the p*nties she wears to match that of her outfit.

Now that seems to be like two different worlds colliding. If men continue NOT paying attention to their girls/women, I will not be surprised if Kenya starts legalizing gay and lesbian marriages! Sounds like the apocalypse or the anti-climax of morality, huh? There’s a simple way to stop all that. Pay attention to her and then she must replicate the same. It goes BOTH Ways. What is the point of paying attention to someone who is physically absent or is trying to make you Jealous??

For the most part, paying attention to her needs should reduce the high rates of cheating among married couples.

To women: give us a break too. Your man could be busy trying to make a living(hustling), when he comes back home, he is all exhausted and has little energy left. Men are human too. Not Super-human. I kinda Wish we were super-human though. Don’t you?

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