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Mac computer exploded! Apple urgently recalls a large number of MacBook Pros

Apple released some of the MacBook Pro 15-inch recall plans some time ago. This is Apple’s biggest official recall in recent years.

Apple said in the recall plan that part of the sales time is September 2015 to February 2017. Between the MacBook Pro, the batteries in these computers may overheat and pose a security risk.

Apple found that the batteries of the MacBook Pro cause spontaneous combustion if they overheat during extreme working conditions.

Many users are not convinced of this recall since there is no such self-ignition report about this MacBook Pro.

But recently, designer Steven Gagne said he was finally recruited that his MacBook Pro is the batch in the Apple recall series. However, because the Mac itself is hot, it is normal,  has not been to Apple’s free recall plan due to work reasons .

Just as Steven Gagne thought it was a small probability event, the MacBook Pro suddenly ignited spontaneously, and the explosion of the lithium battery was extremely powerful, and the aluminum MacBook Pro was thoroughly penetrated.

Because the back panel of the MacBook Pro is designed to be very thin due to the weight reduction,

So the back cover is directly burned through. Fortunately, the touchpad with a thick template was blocked on the front, so there was no burn-through.

Steven Gagne said that at the time, he knew that the MacBook Pro should be a winner, and the house was full of smoke. He heard the sound of the battery bursting and smelled a strong chemical.

Note: this MacBook Pro was not plugged in during the explosion.

The explosion can occur during sleep mode. Fortunately, because there is no use, there is no personal injury. However, if the user is using it during the explosion, they may not be able to use both hands for the rest of their life.

Apple also appealed to users who met the recall as soon as possible to carry out free repairs to the Apple Direct Store, even if the warranty period is over, it can be repaired or replaced free of charge.

After all, Apple is rarely going back to take the initiative to ask users to recall equipment. The company does not want to take the old road of Samsung Boom.

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