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Kabogo to sue telecommunication companies over Bundles expiry


Previous Kiambu governor (William Kabogo) is thinking about suing telecommunication companies over expiry date for Bundles (data).

He said that he had contracted legal counselors to draft an arrangement on the expected suit with a perspective on liberating purchasers from what he sees as financial bondage.

“You can’t offer me sugar and after that append a condition that on the off chance that I won’t have expended it inside a predetermined time period, at that point you will come to repossess I… What you purchase must have a place with you,” he said.

He included that portable information suppliers “are treating their information groups like a pregnancy that once you convey it to term, you got no decision yet conceive an offspring … ”

The lawmaker said he trusts that information packs ought not have an expiry date and on the off chance that they should have, at that point they ought to be inexhaustible.

“We are not saying that we be made up for information not utilized inside indicated time allotments. In the event that it is for their calculated accommodation that there must be an expiry date, at that point all unconsumed information as long it was at first paid for ought to be recharged and not lapse,” he said.

As of late, portable information specialist organizations have been dousing the weight of client restricting this expiry time periods on paid for packs.


Safaricom has since revealed structures to have its clients reestablish unconsumed information.

“We tuned in to our supporters and made the fundamental changes to the client voyage to enable them to keep on getting a charge out of the unparalleled information experience that no one but Safaricom can give,” said Ms Sylvia Mulinge, Safaricom’s main client officer in an announcement.

She included the move had been a zenith of a progression of commitment between the organization and its clients.

In the declared rules, clients will almost certainly expand the legitimacy of unused information wraps. This is when they top up once more, a move Hon Kabogo named as saucy reaction.

“It ought not be the place I will be constrained to acquire a bill so I can keep devouring information I bought. For whatever length of time that that information was not acquired through contract buy sort of understanding, in all examples where I paid for that information and was cleared to make the most of its administration, I ought to be in a situation to utilize it at my pace and time allotment,” he said.

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