Is Gambling the new Weed in Kenya?

There is a new Craving in Kenya. It is known as ‘Kuekelea Bet’. This craving worse than smoking weed. Forget about the addiction to Cocaine or Heroine, gambling is the new weed in Town. Gamblers are stopping at nothing to quench their craving, due to the rampant uprising of new betting sites in Kenya. Sportpesa, Betin, Betway, ChezaCash, etcetera, just to name a few.

Once you start gambling, you kent resist the urge to continue gambling. This is because gambling addiction is an impulse control disorder. Whether you win or lose, you will always always continue staking all the money you have in the world. Worse than demonic bondage, right?
Betting/Gambling all starts like a joke. It is a form of Hustling on its own. Once you win, this slowly grows into an addiction that you cannot break!

So, How do I know if am addicted to gambling?

Here are some pointers to show you that you are an addicted gambler:

1) You use money without thinking at the final result.

Simply put, you use money intended for necessities to gamble. For example, if you are a university student, you use your school fees to place a bet. You hopefully hope to tripple that amount and then become the new baller in town. Wise move, huh?

2) You never save some money, despite making huge wins!


Now this is a tricky one. A gambler thinks he will always win while in reality, it is totally different. Gambling, is, and will always be a game of chances. So, please stop thinking about the Jackpot and actually get a real job.

3) You are very* secretive.

Okay. ‘Very*‘ might be an exaggeration but you get the point. Gamblers hate to associate themselves publicly since it is not a legitimate way of making a living.

What are the Physical and Pychological effects of Gambling?

Here are the effects of gambling addiction:

1)Hair and Weight Loss

This is due to the stress caused by losing cash. The betting universe is pretty much unforgiving! You actually lose more money than you make. What a waste!

2) Being Violent

Traditionally, the Cup of being violent has been held by real world drug addicts. However, gamblers have joined the quest for the same cup. You may have heard cases on your local radio station or television about a person who killed their family members simply because of losing a gamble.

3) Going ‘Wakanyuge’

Going ‘Wakanyuge’ is a Kikuyu word i coined in to symbolize going insane. Yeah. You read that right. This happens when a betting ‘expert‘ who has had constant winnings takes an extremely high risk by, For Example, selling all their property to place a bet that they are assured of a 99.999% Win. To their dismay, reality f*cks up and their predictions go wrong. The brain can’t take it any more. You can fill in the blanks.
Recent research in Mathare Mental Hospital shows that some of the cases of people losing their minds were caused by Gambling.
This takes me to the fourth point;

4) Suicidal thoughts

Admit it. We all have experienced this one at one time in our lives. Mainly because of one or more disappointments in Life. However, a Gambling addict is more likely to commit suicide than the average normal person. This is mainly caused by Losing. Do not say you weren’t warned. I have played my part. It’s time you Play yours too!
In conclusion, once you start gambling, it is hard to stop; Hence the Gamblers slogan: “I Will Gamble till I Die.”

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