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Iran is welcoming reinforcements! Powerful countries in the Middle East send troops to surround the US base

Iran is welcoming  strong reinforcements in time to seize the British tanker as an important force and the fierce struggle between the United States and Britain. According to a report by the Russian Satellite News Agency on July 23, Turkish Foreign Minister Chavro-Oulu told the media on the 22nd that in order to respond to the sanctions announced by the United States because of the Turkish receiving S-400 anti-aircraft missile system, Turkey decided to take “retaliation measures”.

“The implementation targets include the Cheric Air Force Base in southern Turkey, which has been permanently stationed and used by the US military. He stressed that this is not a “threat and extortion” of the United States, but a “natural response” to its unilateral acts. It also implies that the US military and its large number of aircraft stationed at the base will be expelled as appropriate. Media analysis in the Middle East said that Turkey’s move was first to safeguard its dignity and interests, and secondly to support Iran’s intentions. The two countries are currently engaged in military cooperation in Syria, seeking to exclude the US military and establish a security buffer zone in northern Syria.

The report said that the US White House and the State Council said last week that because Turkey’s acceptance of the Russian S-400 air defense system violated the “Counter-attack against the US Enemy Act,” it decided to stop supplying the F-35 stealth fighter to the earth and drive it out of F. -35 global production chain. The United States will decide to impose further economic sanctions on Turkey as appropriate. Turkey has previously ordered about 100 F-35 fighters from the United States. The country has already paid more than $1 billion. The United States made such a decision because Turkey began receiving Russian S-400 systems on July 12. At least 15 Russian aircraft loading related components and equipment have arrived at the air base in southern Ankara.

Turkey is angry at the US sanctions decision. The Turkish Foreign Ministry said that Washington’s move was “illegal”. Additionally, it would bring irreparable damage to the strategic relationship between the United States and the United States. The Minister of National Defense Akar clearly stated that the exclusion of Turkey from the F-35 project would weaken NATO’s military alliance forces, especially the security of the southern border of NATO. The Middle East media, such as Al Jazeera, said that Turkey is warning the United States that sanctions will lead to the collapse of NATO’s forefront defense in the Middle East.

The Middle East expert analysis said that the current disputes and confrontations between Turkey and the United States, the S-400 transaction is only a fuse. The deeper reason is NATO’s marginalization of Turkey, and Russia’s opportunity to intervene and draw Turkey. Because of its long-term status as a “second-class ally” in NATO, Turkey was unable to obtain the transfer of Western advanced anti-aircraft missiles and technology such as the European sable, the American patriot, and then turned to Russia. Because of the need to implement its own Middle East strategy, Russia has quickly drawn closer relations with Turkey and gradually formed a three-party quasi-alliance relationship between Russia, Turkey and Iran with the Syrian war.

For the United States, whether Turkey is moving closer to Russia or not, military and diplomatic cooperation between Russia and Turkey and Iran is absolutely intolerable. The United States’ current primary goal in the Middle East is to kill Iran. To this end, it is making every effort to draw as many Middle Eastern countries as possible to form an “anti-Iraqi alliance.” Russia and Turkey are both world powers and the first-class powers in the Middle East. Together, they can support Iran’s words and almost make the United States’ efforts all the time. The Middle East media said that because of this, the United States will break the tradition for the first time to impose sanctions on a NATO allied country.

But Turkey is clearly not a soft persimmon. It has both a geographical advantage that spans Asia and Europe, and a geographical capital that travels between the United States and Russia. The Turkish media quoted military sources as saying that when the Foreign Minister Chawush Oulu issued a warning, the Turkish army had sent troops to form a real encirclement of the Inchelic Air Force Base. About 1,500 soldiers stationed at the base of the US military, a large number of F-16, A-10 fighters and transport planes are in the state of being “captured” under surveillance and seizure. Once the United States officially launched sanctions against Turkey, the Turkish side can calmly make “multiple choices” because of these early measures.

The Middle East media said that Turkey had previously expelled German soldiers and fighters at the Inseliki Air Force Base. This is because of European countries intervening in the country’s political situation. With this precedent, there’s a very high probability that Turkey will expel another US military and its aircraft. Regardless of the choice that Turkey will make in the future, it will most likely cause the United States to lose its important military base in the Middle East. It is considered by the Middle East media to send strong support to Iran at a crucial moment.

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