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Hundreds of Korean locations were discovered to execute people

A human rights group on Tuesday said it identified the locations of hundreds of locations in the Qin Dynasty where witnesses said the Kim Jong Un administration carried out public executions and killed. Illegal harm to their citizens, according to AP.

The Transitional Justice Working Group, based in Seoul, said their research is based on interviews with 610 defectors from Korea, who helped them locate places. execution points on satellite images.

The transition group did not reveal the exact location of 323 locations because they were concerned that North Korea would intervene, but they said there were 267 locations located in the northeast provinces near the border with China and the region. The background of most of the escaped interviewees.

The report said that public executions in North Korea tended to occur near rivers, in fields and on hills, as well as in markets and school grounds – where people and family members families of convicted people are often forced to participate in the murder. The group also said it had recorded 25 locations where the Kim Jong Un government had exposed the dead, and also found locations that could contain documents or evidence related to the murder.

This report cannot be verified yet, because the Transition Group as well as news agencies cannot access Korea to investigate the locations that defectors said.

North Korea has not given any feedback on the report, but the country is often criticized for its poor human rights record.

A 2014 UN report on Korea’s human rights conditions, said state agencies carried out executions, “whether or not trial, public or confidential”, deal with political crimes and other crimes that are not the most serious offenses.

Public executions were more common in the 1990s. Currently, North Korea continues to carry out public murders, with the aim of spreading fear in the public, the report said.

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