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Huawei will release the world’s cheapest four-camera mobile phone. Market share this week to strive for more than 50%

According to the latest news from the industry chain, on July 26th, in addition to the Mate20 X 5G version, Huawei is also preparing to launch another new smartphone, the nova 5i Pro, which will be global. The cheapest rear four-camera phone.

At present, nova 5i Pro has passed the audit of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The device has obtained the network access license, so it is ready for listing. From the configuration information of the certification, Huawei’s new smartphone features a rear four camera. It’s a combination of 48 million pixels, 8 million pixels, 2 million pixels and another 2 million pixels. The front camera has 32 million pixels. The IPS perforated screen is 6.26 Inch. Additionally, the smartphone features a 7nm Kirin 810 processor.

How much will it cost?

It is worth mentioning that the user manual of nova 5i Pro has appeared on the Internet. From the specific information, this phone looks like the inferior version of Mate 20. The rear four-camera is also Yuba design. The phone provides a 4000mAh battery. It also supports 10V/2A charging output technology. At the same time it inherits the advantages of fast charge and low heat generation while reducing costs. The smartphone can charge to 50% in 30 minutes and fully charge in 90 minutes.

As for the price of everyone’s attention, from the news of Huawei’s offline dealers, the nova 5i Pro will have three versions. The 8 GB RAM+128GB Memory version will sell for 349.08 USD. Similarly the 8 GB RAM+256GB Memory version will cost 392.73 USD. The online special edition is 319.98 USD for 6 GB RAM +128GB Memory.

Enable the sea tactics to desperately grab shipments

According to the industry chain, Huawei’s mobile phone is using the sea tactics. However, this tactic has some adjustments. i.e Through the high-end mobile phones of the P series and Mate series to enhance the Huawei brand tonality, and then accelerate the others through brand image. The more profitable models are shipped, which guarantees shipments while reducing the damage to the brand.

In order to seize more markets, Huawei is currently deploying more price segments. For instance, the price range of 218.27 USD to 436.53 USD. There are more than 10 models of these phones. They are different in shape. Some use fitting camera design. Others use perforated screen design, etc. If they do not cover the price segment, there are sub-brands glory to cover.

Industry chain sources said that Huawei’s such strong push is only to seize more market share. Only by increasing shipments can we complete the transcendence of Apple and Samsung, and increase shipments through low-end and mid-range smartphones. The P-series and Mate series to make more profits is their core strategy now.

Domestic market share strives to exceed 50%

According to Kantar’s report on China’s smart phone market in the second quarter of 2019, if the sub-brand glory is counted, Huawei’s mobile phone market share in China has reached 46.1%. This accounts for almost half of the market. However, Huawei still has Continue to work because their goal is to increase this share to 50%.

At present, Huawei’s overall shipments have surpassed Apple’s position as the world’s second-largest player. However, in the high-end market, the gap between them and the iPhone is still a bit large. Therefore, it is necessary to continue to increase the high-end market. According to previous statistics, in the first quarter of this year, the Chinese smartphone market was priced at $600-800. Huawei has become the absolute king with a market share of 48%. It far exceeds 37% of Apple. The gap between the two is still widening.

However, over $800 in the price range, Apple is still far ahead. The company has a market share of 74%, but Huawei is struggling to catch up. Huawei’s share has increased from 2% in the first quarter of 2018 to 14% now (2019). This was driven by the Mate 20 Pro 256 GB, the Mate 20 RS Porsche design and the Mate 20 Pro 256GB model.

Shipments have exceeded 100 million units

At the nova new product launch conference on June 21 this year, He Gang, president of Huawei’s mobile phone product line, announced that as of May 30, Huawei’s mobile phone shipments in 2019 had exceeded 100 million units. This took 149 days. Compared with last year’s record of breaking billions, it was shortened by 49 days. For every 1 second, there are more than 7 Huawei mobile phones shipped. He Gang also revealed that the P30 series went on the market for 85 days and completed the shipments exceeding 10 million units, 52 days ahead of the P20 series.

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