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Huawei Hongmeng is expected to become Android Terminator and may even change Silicon Valley

Huawei may not be alone in the near future. It will see other mobile phone manufacturers in China transfer their mobile phones to its operating system, especially if it has its own application ecosystem. China will vigorously promote this.

On August 14th, a French media said that with  Hongmeng operating system, China’s telecom giant Huawei has launched a new battle in the US technology warfare, in a very special but highly profitable market. The Android OS is facing competition.

According to Agence France-Presse report on August 12, the smartphone operating system market is now completely monopolized by two US sellers. One side is Apple, its operating system is unique to its Apple mobile phone. The other is Google, whose Android system is used by mobile phones of almost all Apple competitors, including Huawei.

Stefana Trall, Executive Director of Mobile Industry Research at IHS Mallet, emphasized that China is “a world-class R&D power”. He said, “When Huawei entered the user market in 2011, some people were skeptical, but they had unusual growth. They can let the market accept a third operating system.”

The report said that other companies have tried to launch a third operating system. The first is BlackBerry, which has been launched for its BlackBerry since 1999. However, the BlackBerry was overwhelmed by the rise of smartphones. Later, Microsoft installed the Microsoft system for Nokia phones in Finland in 2010, and Nokia also missed it.

The report also said that South Korea’s Samsung has also tried new operating systems, but failed. This reduced the enthusiasm of major companies to develop new systems.

“Samsung has thought about this, but it has not really been launched. From the perspective of Huawei, its domestic market will make it a big impact,” said Sibo Shivalil, a partner at BearingPoint. All Chinese applications, such as WeChat and Alipay, will be compatible with Hongmeng. This makes the possibility of success very credible.”
According to the report, in a country with more than 800 million smartphone users, Huawei has all the trump cards to improve the strength of its operating system.

Stefana Trall further pointed out that “they have a platform with 1 billion potential users to test their application systems, and can quickly find errors and correct them.”

Trall especially believes that Huawei “will obviously make a difference” in emerging markets. He said that places like India, Indonesia, and Africa are gradually turning to smartphones, where users are not accustomed to a particular operating system.

He stressed that in addition to the technical characteristics of mobile phones, the operating system is a factor that absolutely needs to be considered. “For example, Apple’s iPhone is mainly based on its own operating system to maintain a stable state.” However, according to Conte Point Research, more than 55% of smartphones are currently using Android.

Even so, this is enough to make Google sweat.

Google declined to comment on the AFP reporter’s inquiry.

However, Trall confirmed, “There is a possibility that all Chinese manufacturers are turning to this operating system. This is what Google is currently worried about, and this may even change Silicon Valley.”

Hongmeng system does not want to be just a smartphone operating system. It also wants to become the operating system of all Huawei connected gadgets such as its new smart TV.

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