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Here is Samsung Galaxy Note 10 – the new king of smartphones.

Every year, a handful of smartphones premiere which have been igniting the imagination of technology fans around the world for months. And one of them – Samsung Galaxy Note 10 – has just been presented. We had the opportunity to review it a moment earlier and check its most important pros and cons.

Samsung has already presented the Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10e smartphones this year. However, these are not the only flagships that Koreans planned to release. The second extremely important series for the company is the Galaxy Note. Its latest representative – Galaxy Note 10 – has just been revealed.

Thanks to the kindness of Samsung I had the opportunity to see the phone a few days earlier at a closed meeting. Dozens of minutes spent with Note 10 allowed me to discover the most important advantages and disadvantages of the new flagship smartphone of the Korean company.

This year, not one, but two Notes

The Galaxy Note series has undergone many changes from year to year. However, 2019 is the first year that Samsung decided to show not one, but two smartphones.

This decision is most likely due to the fact that Samsung is no longer interested in the fact that the galactic notebook line is a product limited to the business recipient. And the earlier Notes were very large. So much so that the average Joe preferred to sacrifice a stylus for a smaller phone.

Now it does not have to, because the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ models just presented give a choice that was never before. The smaller of the smartphones is 6.3 inches (and FHD + resolution). It’s also extremely slim. The larger one is up to 6.8 inches (with a higher WQHD + resolution). Thanks to its large size, it immediately brings to mind everything that the series is famously known for.

New smartphones look better and fit better on your hand

Already last year’s notebook, and thus the Galaxy Note 9, could boast small frames around the screen. In the case of the Galaxy Note 10 we have another, very big improvement in this field. The frames are barely noticeable. This has made it possible to fit large screens in relatively small chassis.

On the other hand, tiny frames have also significantly improved the appearance of smartphones. In Note 10 and Note 10+ Samsung managed to combine the previously proven elegant shapes of smartphones with microscopic frames and sensational Super AMOLED panels. I’m not afraid to say that the new Notes look simply insane and are probably one of the prettiest smartphones on the market.

The Galaxy Note 10 not only looks great, but also fits very well in your hand. 6.3 inches is not a lot. With small frames Samsung managed to make the Note 10 seem almost small. In the case of Note 10+, there is no such comfort. This is because the sizes are much larger. However, I would not have problems getting used to it.

By the way, it’s worth noting that Samsung decided this year to move the power button from the right edge of the smartphone to the left. The button found itself right after the volume buttons, so in a completely non-intuitive place.

This is a very strange decision of the Koreans considering that almost all manufacturers place the power button on the right so that it is under the thumb. It’s a pity, because turning off the screens of the new Note is not very convenient. Fortunately, you can turn them on using a fingerprint reader (ultrasonic), which was sunk under the screen.

Traditionally top specs

The specification is not going to bore you. Probably no one had any doubt that Samsung will use the best possible components in the most important phones of the second half of 2019. This also happened. According to the Koreans,  Note 10 have 33 percent more efficient processor and a 42% faster graphics card than last year’s Note 9.

For this, of course, we have a standard known from the Galaxy S10 , so 8 or 12 GB of RAM and 256 or 512 GB of data space depending on the version. Interestingly, we are still dealing with a MicroSD card slot (up to 1 TB), but only for the larger Note 10+. The smaller one was castrated from handling memory cards.

Both versions of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 have one of the outdated, but still very important sockets for many users – headphone jack. This year, therefore, we will have to use the included adapter or equip ourselves with Bluetooth headphones .

It is also worth mentioning that the Galaxy Note 10 will be the first Samsung smartphone to offer 5G connectivity as standard. Previously it was only in the special version of the Galaxy S10 5G . Of course, the manufacturer will install the appropriate module only on smartphones that will go to markets with a working 5G network.

Triple camera and capacious batteries

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ received the same camera as we already know well from the Galaxy S10 model . So we have a triple module consisting of two sensors with a resolution of 12 megapixels. One of them was equipped with a telephoto lens (angle of view 45 degrees). The other one has a standard lens with a field of view of 77 degrees and a double aperture.

In addition, there was also room for a 16 Mpix camera with a wide-angle lens (123 degrees). However, this one – unlike the first two – will not be supported by optical image stabilization.

During the presentation of the phones, unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to thoroughly test the camera. However, everything indicates that it does not differ from that of the Galaxy S10. If you want to know, then, what quality of photos we can count on, please refer to my March review of this phone.

In addition to the camera, it is also worth mentioning about the battery that powers the phones. The smaller Note 10 is a 3500 mAh cell. The larger Note 10+ will have a 4300 mAh battery at its disposal. Given the diagonal of the screens, I suspect that long work on one charge will probably not be a problem. However, I will be able to check it only when the smartphone goes to the editorial office for testing.

New stylus with gesture support

Of course, S-Pen is an inseparable element of the Note series, which appeared this time. As in previous years, it is extremely sensitive and precise. It raises many possibilities that I wrote more widely on the occasion of reviews of predecessors.

Last year, Samsung decided on a small novelty and added a Bluetooth module to the stylus in the Galaxy Note 9. Thanks to that we got the possibility of remote shutter release of the camera and even changing slides in Power Point.

This year, the functions of gestures can be added to these functions. To zoom in or out, hold down the stylus button and “draw” a circle in the air. To change the camera mode or switch from the front camera to the main camera, we must in turn draw a line. A simple function that will probably help you remotely operate the phone from time to time.

Traditionally, prices are not low

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ are available for sale from today to August 23 . A day later they should hit store shelves. Prices for new phones are not low. However, we have to reckon with the fact that we are talking about the best smartphone from the Koreans.

The smaller Note 10 (version 8GB / 256GB) was valued on the market at 1,060 USD. In turn, the purchase of Note 10+ will result in a spending of 1226 USD. In the case of 12GB / 256GB configuration, it will cost you 1341 USD. So, will you buy the New Note 10 /Note 10+?

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