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Google will install a new data center in Chile: the investment will be US $ 200 million

Google will install a new data center in Chile, which will be added to the one it already has in the commune of Quilicura, in the Metropolitan region. The investment will be US $ 200 million .

The firm, leader in the field of technology and innovation, stated that this new center will be located between the communes of San Bernardo and Cerrillos. The land will be at least 23 hectares.

The Environmental Assessment Service (EAS) is currently processing this project.

Administrative offices, data storage areas and their respective electric courtyards are aspects that the regulator will study to give the final approval.

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A local daily indicated that in the construction of this data center would employ about 1,200 people. The data center operations will start in January 2020.

Google already installed a data center center in Chile in 2012. This was  the first data center in the region, for which it invested US $ 150 million. It is located in Quilicura and last year an extension was officially presented, in a ceremony that was attended by President Sebastián Piñera.

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