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Former Siri executive joins Microsoft’s artificial intelligence department

Former Apple Siri department head Bill Stasior will join Microsoft’s artificial intelligence department as vice president. He will be the corporate vice president of technology in the office of  Microsoft chief technology officer, Kevin Scott. Stasior joined Apple in 2012 and left the company in May 2019, serving a total of seven years.

Stasior announced his new job by updating the CV on his website. According to CNBC, a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed Stasior’s hire.

Before he joined Apple, Stasior was one of the top executives at Amazon. He previously worked at AltaVista and Oracle. Stasior didn’t respond to a request for a comment.

However, Mr Stasior really has an impressive resume. He got his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the same institution. Stasior even Boasts an Undergraduate GPA of 4.9/5.0.

According to CNBC, Stasior expanded his team at Apple from 70 engineers to more than 1,100 people. Additionally, he played the leading role in bringing modern machine learning to Siri and Apple.

Javier Soltero, the leader of Microsoft’s Siri competitor, aka Cortana, left the company last year. Earlier on 2019, Cortana was separated from the search box in Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system.

Bill will not work on Microsoft’s voice assistant Cortana. Instead, he will lead an artificial intelligence team.

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