Famous Spanish YouTuber was fined Ksh 2.2 Million for insulting beggars


The Spanish court on Friday condemned a Spanish YouTuber 15 months in prison and fined 20,000 euros ( 2,261,284.69 Kenya Shillings) for posting a video that violated ethical standards on YouTube.

Kanghua Ren is known as ReSet, he often posts videos of unusual content on Youtube to attract viewers. According to Spanish police, Ren tends to tease vulnerable people in posted videos.

In January 2017, Ren posted a video in which he removed the ice cream from Oreo biscuits and replaced it with toothpaste. After that, he gave the cake to a beggar named Romani along with a bill of 20 euros . When he took a bite of the cookie, the man discovered that he had been hoaxed and threw away the cake, he filed a lawsuit against Ren later. He made this video himself at 19.

“Maybe I went a bit far, but look at the positive side of it, toothpaste can help him clean his teeth, I don’t think he used to brush his teeth since he became poor”, Renewed proving in court.

The video made the online community strongly opposed, because of his unethical actions. Police added that he targeted poor people in other videos to post on Youtube and make money through advertising.

Police said Ren was one of the 200 most popular and influential figures in Spain at the time. Ren was sentenced to 15 months in prison but was given a suspended sentence because in Spanish regulations, the first offenses not related to violence and a sentence of less than 2 years are not imprisoned. But he must pay 2,261,284 Kshs to the victim and his YouTube channel will be closed within 5 years.

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