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Facts about Bob Collymore and his Heritage

Yesterday(1st July 2019), Kenyans were shocked by the death of the Current CEO of Safaricom. For those who do not know about Safaricom, well, the company is synonymous with Mpesa. Safaricom is the largest service provider in Kenya. For internet services as well as mobile banking. Therefore, the demise of the CEO of a Huge Kenyan Company will definitely make waves online. Anyway, with that out of the way, let us get the spotlight back to Safaricom’s CEO, Mr Bob William Collymore. The Facts:

1) Mr Collymore was an Exceptional C.E.O

The late CEO had Safaricom employees well disciplined. On a certain incident in the year 2016, a lady who worked at safaricom, (name not disclosed for security reasons) was caught on camera assisting a physically disabled customer with Compassion. This happened at one of safaricom’s provider’s shop in Nakuru town. The lady swallowed her pride and knelt down on an untidy floor, clearly showing a powerful gesture that the customer is the boss.

2) Bob Loved dancing

This is sort of mind-blowing. A popular singer by the name Jimmy Gait somehow managed to convince safaricom CEO to sing in his song, Furi furi dance. It was a remix and a popular hit a few years back in Kenya.

3) Bob Collymore the Conductor

We are glad he did it choose to go down this career path. There was this one occurrence back in 2015 when Mr Bob decided to pay fare for the public at Kencom. To sweeten things, Collymore called them aboard like the way Kenyan matatu Conductors do. This gave Kenyans chills and they took to social media expressing a range of various emotions.

His origin

Safaricom’s Current CEO (now deceased), was born in Guyana, in the year 1958. Bytheway, Guyana is located in South America. Later on, Mr Collymore was awarded British citizenship and became a British citizen. There, he joined the Selhurst Boys High School in London. There, he completed his formal education.

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