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Donald Trump lost in court. He will no longer be able to block his opponents on Twitter

On July 9, the US president lost the legal battle for Twitter. According to the court ruling, Trump will no longer be able to censor his account, blocking uncomfortable users. Twitter accounts were found to be officially used, so banning opponents is unconstitutional.

According to the New York Times , Donald Trump has been sued for blocking his opponents on Twitter by an organization defending the first amendment, the Knight First Amendment Institute of Columbia University. A court in New York judged that every democratically elected representative of the government who officially uses a social media account and at the same time blocks critical opinions from opponents violates freedom of expression, which is guaranteed by the first amendment to the United States constitution.

The translations of defenders who argued that Donald Trump founded his Twitter account a few years before he became president of the United States did not help. The three judges in the case decided unanimously, indicating that Trump also uses his social account for purposes related to his position in the government, communicating – as is customary – about state-weight decisions via Twitter.

The government has no right to “publicize” preferred statements by prohibiting opinions with which they disagree

– judges judged.

US Department of Justice expressed dissatisfaction with the judgment. He confirmed that officials have not yet decided whether they will appeal to the Supreme Court.

We are disappointed with the court decision and examine possible next steps

said Kelly Laco, department spokeswoman.

Donald Trump versus social media

The President of the United States seems to have a constant dilemma when it comes to social media . On the one hand, he uses social media every day and ruthlessly, communicating about political decisions or inventing their opponents. On the other – he regularly criticizes them and announces “orders” in this matter.

Last August, he accused Twitter, Facebook and Google of being hostile to conservative media and promoting bad news about it. He also announced that his administration would “take care of it”. A New York court verdict will probably not end Donald Trump ‘s scuffle with social networking sites, but is an important voice in the debate about censorship on the internet.

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