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Did someone offer you virtual cash in GTA Online? This might be a scam!

On Tuesday, the expected Diamond Casino & Resort add-on appeared on GTA Online. They decided to use the scammers who offer virtual cash in exchange for subscriptions or real money.

A few days ago, Rockstar Games, the producer of GTA V, announced the introduction of a unique addition to the multiplayer GTA Online game mode . The appendix named “Diamond Casino & Resort” will introduce a breath of fresh air to the Grand Theft Auto website. This is something that fans of the game have been waiting for in a long time.

From July 23, players will be able to enter the luxurious resort, where they will find, among others, huge casino. The add-on will allow you to play a lot of mini-card games. It will introduce rivalry between players who will be able to win a new sports car every week. A luxury penthouse will also be available for purchase.

Beware of a new scam

Of course, to play at Diamond Casino & Resort players need a lot of virtual cash. For those who do not play regularly at GTA Online, this can be quite a challenge. These people might fall into a new trap set by cheaters.

Dishonest internet users offer a large amount of virtual money in the game in exchange for subscribing to their YouTube channel, another video site , or liking their profile on social media. Only after meeting all the conditions can they count on the promised measures.

The gullible players fall into a trap because they can not withdraw the subscription to receive payment. Additionally, the virtual currency does not appear in their accounts at all. What’s more, on the channels of cheaters, instead of live material, they can see game coverage stolen from honest Youtubers.

However, this is not the only threat. You could lose real money. Some scammers, as a condition for receiving virtual money, need to buy (for real money) access to a special server. Unfortunately, after paying the fee, virtual funds to GTA Online do not appear on players’ accounts!

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