Bitcoin: The Ultimate Guide (that you are looking for).


Below are sections on bitcoin(s). Feel free to skip the ones you are familiar with. Generally, this Guide should be more than enough to help you in your endeavors. Got any ideas/Concerns. Please leave them in the Comments section. Thank you. Without further a do, let’s get started:

1) What is Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a crypto currency that was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto. This crypto currency is some virtual money that lives on the internet. Bitcoin is not regulated by any individual, like Central banks do with real money. You can read more extensively about this on Wikipedia.

2) Where can i buy Bitcoin?

You can buy bitcoins from any of the sites listed below:
i)  Remitano
ii) Localbitcoins

Both websites (above) are really Cool. You can buy bitcoins from as low as 300 Kshs [3 USD] to as High as 10 Million Kshs!! [100,000 USD]

3) Bitcoin price live

You can find bitcoin price live here

4) Earn BTC

You can earn Bitcoin with our partner site as soon as you create a Free Account with them. This is 99.99 percent legitimate as we use the site ourselves. Definitely not a scam. In the world of bitcoin, tread carefully. Do not be carried away by excitement!

5) Bitcoin wallet

We recommend blockchain.com as they provide the most protective measures to protect your hard earned bitcoins. Additionally, they also have other Wallets, for Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash respectively. Creating an account with them should be a walk in the Park. Similarly, you can still use localbitcoins to create a free bitcoin wallet. Well, the site is primarily a bitcoin exchange platform, but you can use it as a Wallet as they have state-of-the-art security. In fact, you should go with localbitcoins as you can exchange your bitcoins into your local currency at any given time. Cashing out is easy as they have various methods of payments. A good example is PayPal.

The reason you create a bitcoin wallet is to create a bitcoin address. An example of a bitcoin address looks like this: [ 14yvSbPHWqHYXCJL3t4BYrzmETNhakXzyR ] If you are feeling a little generous, you can support us by tipping us some bitcoin via that address. Totally optional, but we would really appreciate!

6) Bitcoin Cloud Mining

Warning! Bitcoin Cloud Mining are mainly Scams. We at njoo have personally lost a sizeable amount of bitcoin to scams. We got entangled in the excitement and we got screwed. Take that as a lesson. Find other places to invest, perhaps start your own blog. Just don’t venture into bitcoin cloud mining. Bitcoin is always volatile, prices ever changing. Do not say you were never warned…

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