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“Bird of Prey”. Airbus showed the design of their future aircraft. It resembles a bird of prey

The “Bird of Prey” project involves the construction of a hybrid- electric turboprop aircraft whose appearance features are inspired by the anatomy and aerodynamics of birds. The tail and wings are reminiscent of those of flying predators.

The sky predator is meant to inspire

According to the project, the plane would be able to transport up to 80 passengers and burn by 30-50 percent less fuel than a comparable class of aircraft. According to Martin Aston, senior manager at Airbus, the company hopes to inspire the next generation of aeronautical engineers.

Our “Bird of Prey” aims to inspire young people and create a “wow” factor that will help them consider an exciting career in the extremely important aviation sector

– said the Airbus manager, quoted by CNN .

Aston hopes the project will help make aviation more sustainable by making cleaner, greener and quieter aircraft by drawing from nature’s tips.

We know from our work on the A350 XWB passenger jet that thanks to biomimicry (modeling devices on living organisms – editor’s note), nature gives us one of the best lessons that we can use in designing

– Aston summed up.

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