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Bill Gates praises Steve Jobs: “The wizard who saved Apple”

Bill Gates in the last interview called Steve Jobs a “wizard” who “cast spells” to bounce Apple from the bottom. Gates adds that although Jobs’s methods turned out to be a bull’s-eye and pushed the company to the top, it’s better not to imitate him.

In recent years, Bill Gates (co-founder of Microsoft ) is increasingly talking about his work, the history of the company he founded, as well as about the people he had to face. In June, Gates admitted that his biggest mistake in history was losing the fight for the Windows Phone market with Android. Now he talked a bit about his biggest rival – Steve Jobs.

Gates: Jobs was effective, but it’s better not to imitate him

Bill Gates gave an interview to CNN , in which he told a bit about Apple’s longtime boss .He admitted that Jobs had an amazing talent to manage the company. Unlike others, Steve was able to motivate his people to work hard.

Jobs could “charm” – admits Gates. He was able to “cast spells” on both his employees and the public to lead Apple out of the crisis in which the company found. Jobs, however, was also a rough man with whom it was harder to establish relationships.

I have not met a person who would match Jobs  ability to find talents, hyper-motivation, sense of design and assess what is good and what is not. So he brought some incredibly positive things, despite his roughness

– explained Gates in an interview for CNN.

Microsoft’s co-founder added that Jobs was “a great example that should not be imitated.” Despite everything, he praises Jobs, explaining that despite the fact that he was often “hard” in relations with others, he managed to lead the company to the top. And hardly anyone could handle it when the company was on the verge of bankruptcy.

It was complete nonsense, and yet he hypnotized these people. Steve is a really special case. Apple was on its way to collapse, and it rose and became the most valuable enterprise in history by releasing several products that are really amazing. There won’t be many stories like this anymore

– Bill Gates ends.

Jobs and Gates – eternal competitors who went on to cooperating afterwards

Steve Jobs founded Apple with Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in 1976. The company grew rapidly, but 9 years later, as a result of a conflict with the management board, Jobs was thrown out of it and founded the NeXT company.

11 years passed and Apple without Jobs was on the verge of bankruptcy. The company decided to take a somewhat desperate step. It bought NeXT for over 400 million dollars and brought Jobs back to the company, giving him a free hand, and soon returning him to the position of president.

It was under the leadership of Jobs that the most famous Apple products were created. Additionally, the company not only stood up, but became one of the most valuable companies in the world. Earlier, however, the biggest competitor – Bill Gates – helped Jobs out of oppression for years. He led Microsoft, cooperated with Apple and injected cash. This step could have been the most landmark in the company’s history with an apple in the logo.

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