2 Chinese fighters were spotted approaching the Canadian warship that had recently visited Vietnam

Two Chinese fighters flew on a Canadian warship and a supply ship was operating in international waters on the East China Sea earlier this week, the Canadian Ministry of Defense (DND) confirmed, according to CBC.

The Canadian newspaper said that on Monday afternoon, local time, two Chinese military Su-30 fighters launched missiles within 300 meters of HMCS Regina and MV Asterix destroyers. flying 30 meters above the sea.

The statement by Canada’s Defense Ministry (DNA) on Thursday said Chinese military ships and planes have been following Canadian ships since they left Vietnam earlier this month, according to CBC News. This is Canada’s latest encounter with Chinese fighters.

However, Canadian officials have issued a statement saying no serious or unexpected problems, and “professional” and “friendly” actions.

“This special parade flight of two Chinese military aircraft is not provocative, dangerous or unexpected, due to the involvement of the regional Neon Campaign,” said spokesman Dan Le Bouthillier in a email.

The Neon campaign is a recent commitment to regularly rotating warships in and out of the Far East – as part of the mission to enforce UN sanctions against North Korea.

Dan Le Bouthillier said, during the HMCS Regina’s transport, they also saw Chinese and Taiwanese forces present nearby on the Strait . And the interaction between ships or radio communication shows that there are no signs of insecurity or lack of professionalism. 

Earlier, the Canadian military also reported, that someone on a Chinese fishing boat had laser beamed a Canadian Cyclone CH-148 Cyclone when it was operating near the Strait, no one was injured in case and no damage to the plane.

It is unclear whether the fishing vessel is part of China’s armed maritime militia, which operates a series of civilian ships in both the East China Sea and the South China Sea.

Earlier this month, the HMCS Regina ship passed the Taiwan Strait, a move described as a political message at the height of intense tension between Beijing and Ottawa about the arrest of Huawei China ‘s Strong Man , and China’s restrictions on Canadian exports.

However, this is not the first time a Canadian warship travels through controversial waters. HMCS Calgary has made the same trip in October 2018.

Monday’s incident was not the first time the Chinese air force harassed Canadian troops when they enforced sanctions against North Korea.

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